Big things coming in August!

I have some pretty awesome things planned for August and I wanted to give you a sneak peek. I have been working hard on making Moon Child into an actual blog and not just my hobby. At first, it was just a way to write about going zero waste but then I realized I really love to write and work on Moon Child so I want to focus more attention on it. How you ask?

Buycott App Review

Sometimes it can be hard to know if a company tests on animals or what their stance on climate change is. That's why when I found out about Buycott I was pretty excited. But does it work and is it helpful?

My favorite summer jams

Summer isn't my favorite season. Not by a long shot but I love it because it's a great time of the year to get together with friends and just hang out. I wanted to encompass that feeling with a playlist of songs that remind me summer, sunshine and good times. Check out the playlist and let me know what songs you would add!


Halo Top ice cream taste test

I am a true lover of ice cream. I could easily eat it everyday and after ever meal. I shouldn't do that because I am lactose intolerant but I sometimes think it would be worth it.

Another issue I have with ice cream is that it is full of sugar and really bad for you. I was pretty excited when I found out about Halo Top. I first heard about this from a friend that was doing Weight Watchers. She made a comment that she could eat the whole pint and not blow her points. I was intrigued.

Vegan chocolate mug cake recipe

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Sometimes you just want something sweet but you don't want to wait forever or make an entire pan of something. That's why mug desserts have quickly become my favorite thing in the world. You can make a single serving of cake (or just about anything) and it takes little to no time! It's even better if it's this recipe. The most common time I want this cake is during a certain time of the month. Too much info?

Fun facts about me

I realized I have never told you anything about me other than what was in my welcome post. I'm not a super interesting person but I wanted to let you know a few facts about me that you might find fun.

Zero waste items I love: pt. 2

If you didn't catch my first part be sure to read it here!

I have been transitioning to a zero waste life for a few months now. It has been both an easy road and a tough road. Sometimes it is easy to find a zero waste solution to your needs but sometimes it is really hard to figure out what to do. Here is the second half of my list of items that has made the transition easy.

Dijon Balsamic Dressing

Oh man do I love this dressing. I shared it over on The Smoothie Vegetarians' blog so go check it out! This dressing is perfect for just about anything. Even meat eaters would love it on chicken or pork. It is such a fantastic dressing and I am excited to share it. Go read it now!

The link to read the recipe is to another blog I write for. Please follow the link and show me some love!!