Spring Time Preparations

Every year I have tried and failed, to have a garden. There have been some successes, I had tomatoes for days one year, but mostly a lot of failures. Last year I planted tomatoes and peppers only in my little garden area at my house but I got sick so the weeds took it over. I still had some tomatoes but not as many as I wanted. The kid I pay to mow my lawn took out all my pepper plants before I could even enjoy them. This year I want to try something different.


When I started this blog I had a grand idea of what I wanted it to be. I wanted to share fun DIY projects (hence the name), I wanted to share vegan/vegetarian recipes and I wanted to talk about zero waste. Some of those things happened but most didn't. With 2018 finally here (thank goodness) I want to talk about some changes I will be making to this blog.

January Goals and Bucket List

2018 is here and boy am I ready for it. 2017 was a tough (but great) year for me but I was so ready to see the new year come. I have some major and a few minor goals I want to accomplish this year. I broke them down by month to make them a little easier to manage.

Seventh Generation: Products I Love (and a few I don't!)

I am always looking for products that are good for the environment and clean without using harsh chemicals. When I found out about Seventh Generation I was intrigued so I bought a few products and have been using them for a few months. Here are the products I loved and few I didn't.

2018 Goals

I had some major goals I wanted to crush in 2017. Almost none of them happened. For one reason or another, I never got around to doing anything I had planned. But that happens every year. I set goals for myself that I know I cannot ever achieve.